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Whether you want to hit courts with a friend or join a league, the Courthouse offers just what you are looking for in a tennis program.  Do you want to play indoor or outdoor? Hard courts or clay? Lessons or league play? We’ve got all of the above! Enjoy our state-of-the-art tennis facilities coupled with the Courthouse’s outstanding staff of tennis professionals and certified instructors.

We offer complete Junior Tennis Programs including QuickStart Tennis at our Northeast location for kids 10 and under! With equipment and courts tailored to suit their needs and abilities, kids will feel confident as soon as they pick up a racquet.  The shorter racquets, slower and lighter balls, and smaller courts-all of which make up the QuickStart Tennis format-allow kids to rally back and forth over the net right away and enjoy the game right from the start.  You’d never send your 8-year-old out with adult-sized equipment to a full-sized baseball field or basketball court, so why do that on a tennis court?

The Courthouse is proud to be a Tennis Welcome Center. We are dedicated to helping anyone learn to play the game of tennis!